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Forward Autumn issue

Front cover of SIA Forward Magazine Autumn issueThe thing we love most about putting Forward magazine together is being able to share fascinating real-life stories from across the SCI community, and we’re pleased to say our autumn issue is crammed full of them!

We talk to Rob Smith who designed a gripping aid that not only helped him, but spinal cord injured people all over the world. We meet Tracy Takaitei who has been inspired to retrain in clinical sexology after attending one of our events, David Croft as he champions accessible holiday accommodation and James Kipling who is learning to drive again following his SCI.

We also couldn’t let our first issue since Martin Hibbert completed his climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro pass without a huge celebration of his success. Read our four-page article with all the behind-the-scenes info on his incredible feat and hear from Martin’s wife Gabby on their life together.

And we are delighted to introduce Marina Logacheva, a SCI nutritionist. Since sustaining her own injury, Marina has developed her nutrition training and experience to identify how diet can affect SCI symptoms. Here, she offers lots of great, easy to follow advice on how you can tailor your diet to better meet the demands of SCI on your body.

Also in this issue:

  • Our counsellor Ian Younghusband offers advice on taking care of your mental health
  • Dr Tamsyn Street looks at the results from the sexual functioning survey featured earlier this year
  • We look at the latest news, research and campaigns that affect you, including an update on the care crisis
  • Gavin Walker tells us how wheelchair rugby helped rebuild his life
  • We get up close and personal with our 11 trustees (find out which one screams when they see a frog and who has been interviewed by M16!)
  • We meet Andrew Moore who assisted Mercedes-Benz in helping ensure better inclusivity for disabled drivers
  • The 2 SCI chefs share some gorgeous autumn dishes

We wish you all a wonderful autumn – enjoy the crisp sunny days, the beautiful colours and the excuse to get cosy at home. And as ever, let us know what you think of our latest issue by emailing us at [email protected]

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