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Meeting with the Minister

Tomorrow marks a significant day for everyone with a paralysed bowel as we meet with the DHSC Minister, Rt Hon Andrew Stephenson MP.

Our agenda is clear and our voices are united in the quest for recognition and improved care for individuals living with neurogenic bowels.


National Awareness Day: We propose the establishment of a National Awareness Day dedicated to neurogenic bowels. This day will serve as a beacon of hope, shedding light on the challenges faced by those affected and galvanising public support for research, education, and better healthcare practices.

Empowering Carers: The role of carers is indispensable, and we urge the Minister to consider policies that allow carers into hospitals. Their presence is not just comforting; it is often essential for facilitating the correct care for individuals with a paralysed bowel, ensuring that their unique needs are met with expertise and compassion.

Champions of Bowel Care: Every NHS trust should have a Champion for Bowel Care—a dedicated individual who ensures that the highest standards of care are consistently met. These champions will be the standard-bearers for best practices, education, and support within their trusts.

Policy Reform: Lastly, we advocate for a comprehensive policy across all NHS trusts focusing on neurogenic bowels. Such a policy would provide a framework for consistent, high-quality care and support, ensuring that no individual is left behind due to a lack of knowledge or resources.