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Our 2030 strategy

Our Strategy 2030

The aim of our Strategy 2030 is to reach everyone with a spinal cord injury, to tackle whatever barriers they face, and to connect them to all the help and support they need to flourish in their lives, in the way they want and choose.

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Our vision is:

a fulfilled life for everyone affected by spinal cord injury

Our purpose is to be:

the expert guiding voice for life after spinal cord injury

The situation now

People with a spinal cord injury and their families too often face:

  • stretched or inappropriate health and support services, when they need them
  • barriers to accessing carers, transport, livelihoods and housing
  • and a lack of public awareness on this life-long condition.

Our Strategy 2030 goals

To address this, we need:

  1. A health and care system that works for people living with spinal cord injury.
  2. Double the number of members accessing our network of services.
  3. A UK government and public championing the cause of people living with spinal cord injury and their families.

How we’ll achieve this

We will achieve these goals through four approaches:

Infographic 1: Provide critical health and care support for all SCI people

Infographic: 2: Coordinate a network of support services nationwide

Infographic 3: Build vital specialist expertise across health and care sector

Infographic 4: Campaign for change (national, member led and public engagement)

More information

Information about our strategy is also available in a z-card version.


If you require a paper version please email your request to [email protected]  with your address details.