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Welcome to the Frank Williams Academy

Frank Williams Academy logo featuring a photo of Frank Williams

Frank Williams Academy, transforming the lives of spinal cord injured (SCI) people through education, training, research and development.

SCI is life-changing, but it needn’t be life-limiting. Frank Williams was paralysed in a car accident aged 44 but went on to become one of the most recognised and respected people in Formula 1. Many others paralysed by SCI, don’t get the chance to live a fulfilled life with hope, purpose and dignity. Frank knew that and supported us to change the situation.

By building the Frank Williams Academy around four principles, we can help everyone affected by spinal cord injury to rebuild their lives. These are:

• Healthcare professional training
• Patient education
• Research and development
• Policy and Practice

Each of these link to our 2030 strategy plans.

Below you’ll find our training for healthcare professionals where our SCI specialist clinicians share their extensive knowledge and understanding with others. The team delivers both virtual and face-to-face courses and tailored training to healthcare professionals and caregivers, including family members, to ensure all SCI people have access to the treatment and care that meets their unique needs.


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