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Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day 2024

Today, Friday, 17 May 2024, we’re marking Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day (SCIAD)


Logo for paralysed bowel campaign with the strap line, safe care for people with neurogenic bowels.


We lead this annual event to raise awareness of spinal cord injury and highlight the daily challenges faced by people with spinal cord injury. This year’s theme focuses on our bowel care campaign which we recently renamed from Serioussh1t to Paralysed Bowel Campaign.

As part of this campaign we are asking people to sign our petition to ensure every NHS hospital has a bowel care policy and specialist bowel care. No one should be left unable to go to the toilet, potentially for days, because the hospital doesn’t have a bowel care policy or specialist staff. For people with spinal cord injury these challenges are a constant part of life.

sign the petition here

Together with our charity partners, we are dedicated to supporting our members and helping them overcome the daily challenges faced by people with spinal cord injury.

Important news

Today we are also making an important announcement regarding the size of the spinal cord injury population in the UK. The new key statistics are:

• 4,400 people are injured or diagnosed with a spinal cord injury (SCI) every year, not 2,500 as previously thought.
• The total size of the UK SCI population is now believed to be more than 100,000, not 50,000 as previously estimated.
• This means that approximately every two hours someone sustains a SCI (12 people a day).