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Our future plans

We’ve launched our 2030 strategy which will aim to look at a variety of different areas and help those with a spinal cord injury (SCI) and their families lead a fulfilled life.

There are over 100,00 people living with SCI in the UK. That is hundreds of thousands of family members living with all the challenges that come with paralysis. Approximately 4,400 people will be newly injured in the UK each year of this strategy that’s nearly seven people a day between now and 2030.

Meanwhile, the social, economic, health and care systems that determine peoples ability to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives are by most metrics in decline. The health and care system in particular is one that people with SCI repeatedly tell our frontline staff that they fear- for the support they will struggle to access and for the risks to their health they might face.

Access to carers and assessments for continuing healthcare have both become harder to achieve. The covid pandemic has exposed the fragility of support systems in place for people with SCI reliant on care and carers often 24/7.

Our strategy aims to tackle all of the issues above and to help create a healthcare system which works for those who are impacted whether they be family members or people with SCI.

Below you will see the strategy broken down into key parts starting with our vision which is a fulfilled life for everyone affected by SCI and our purpose which is to be the expert guiding voice for life after SCI. You will also see our three goals and then the four approaches we will look to implement over the next seven years.



SIA strategy 2023 infographic showing SIA vision and purpose

SIA Strategy 2023 infographic page 2 about engaging members