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Martin’s Mission

Following the success of Martin’s Mountain, Martin Hibbert is continuing to work hard to campaign on behalf of all spinal cord injured people.

He has harnessed the profile he gained from Martin’s Mountain and is using this to highlight the many injustices that spinal cord injured people face on a day-to-day basis and importantly what needs to change.

As Vice President of SIA during recent media appearances, including ‘BBC Breakfast’ and ‘Radio 4’, Martin has outlined how he can be the baton bearer for that change. Already this year Martin has met with the minister for disabled people Tom Pursglove MP, Sir Lindsay Hoyle his constituency MP and speaker of the house of commons and the mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham.

Many are familiar with Martin’s story but to have a real understanding of what drives his energy and commitment you need to go right back to that devastating day on 22 May 2017 when he became one of the closest survivors to the Manchester Arena bomb attack. During a recent episode of Radio 4’s Four Thought he spoke more openly and honestly than ever before about that day, giving a real insight into what motivates him, his ambitions and some of the struggles he has to face on a daily basis.

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Life with a spinal cord injury

managing mental health


Visit BBC iPlayer to listen to the full programme – BBC Radio 4 – Four Thought, Life after ‘life-changing’