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International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS)

Simon Pinnell, from SIA, has been selected to join the governing panel of an ISCoS  special interest group.

The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) promotes the highest standard of care in the practice of spinal cord injury for men, women and children throughout the world. Through its medical and multi-disciplinary team of professionals ISCoS endeavours to foster education, research and clinical excellence. ISCoS has a membership of clinicians, scientists and spinal cord injury professionals from 87 countries.

As part of its work, ISCoS has established an Engagement & peer support special interest group (SIG) which aims to promote knowledge and research of ISCoS members regarding:

(a) the meaningful engagement of research users (i.e people with spinal cord injury, organisations, policy-makers, service providers) within research.

(b) the advancement of spinal cord injury peer support programmes, services, or interventions.

We’re delighted that Simon Pinnell, who is a manager at SIA, has been selected to join the governing panel of this SIG. As the only UK member of the governing panel, Simon will be representing the views and interests of our members with spinal cord injury and all those affected by spinal cord injury in the UK.