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Rocket Medical syringe discontinued

We are aware that the discontinuation of production of the Rocket Medical syringe for insertion of bisacodyl rectal solution may affect many of our members.

Until a possible replacement product is available Carol Adcock, our SCI specialist nurse lead for the north would recommend you discus with your GP, pharmacist, DN or specialist spinal cord injury centre the feasibility of using:

  • An IrriSedo mini system from Macgregor health care  Qufora® IrriSedo Mini | MacGregor Healthcare Ltd. The Bisacodyl rectal solution would need to be added to a small volume of water but the increased volume and pressure may compensate for the dilution and illicit adequate reflex activity.
  • Alternatively, use a well lubricated 2ml syringe  – please note this  does not deliver the solution in the same manner, or to the same depth, as the Rocket product which was specifically designed for the purpose.

This is non person specific information only. Individual advice on suitability of using these products should be sought from an appropriate health care professional.

Our specialist clinician service can be accessed via our online referral form here.