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We're joining forces with Hudgell Solicitors to fight for people with spinal cord injury

Hudgell Solicitors and SIA are joining together as campaign partners to fight for change and to amplify the voice of people living with spinal cord injuries.

As our new official campaign partner, Hudgell Solicitors will work alongside us to educate and engage the UK public through awareness campaigns, and to mobilise the spinal cord injured community to contest the biggest barriers they face.

The national law firm has fought and campaigned for social injustice head-on in recent years, leading high-profile cases including representing the victims of the Post Office Horizon IT scandal, the families of four young men murdered by serial killer Stephen Port and those injured or who lost loved ones in the 2017 Manchester Arena terror attack.  Our vice president Martin Hibbert, who sustained a severed spinal cord which left him paralysed from the waist down in the Manchester Arena bombing, said:

Martin Hibbert portrait photo“When I came home from hospital, me being me, I thought everyone got the same support and when I found out that, actually, a large number would be sent home that don’t have the knowledge and education in how to empty their bowel and bladder or look after their skin, I couldn’t cope with it.

“I wanted to give something back and that’s where my journey with Spinal Injuries Association began. Wherever you live in the country, you should get that help and support. I believe we can change the world and the UK and it’s great to be able to do that with Hudgells.”


Neil Hudgell, executive chairman of Hudgell Solicitors, said he was proud to be working with SIA. He said:

Neil Hudgell executive chairman of Hudgell Solicitors profile

“Over the past 25 years, through supporting many thousands of clients to find justice, we have had the privilege of fighting many battles alongside some incredibly brave and resilient groups of people, including Martin and the seriously injured survivors of the attack in Manchester.

“Hudgell Solicitors has always had a reputation in causes and campaigns that can make a difference. This whole issue is about awareness. If you listen to Martin, he’s a very good advocate for himself but, there are other people, the silent ones, who possibly get left behind. We’re here to help SIA to fill those substantial voids of support for everyone with a spinal cord injury.

“As a business and as lawyers we sometimes have to remind ourselves of our very purpose and to try and help with the really difficult situations where people suffer life-limiting or life-changing injuries and demonstrate where we can help make a difference.”

Mark Ridler, our director of programmes, added:

“Having Hudgell Solicitors alongside us in our campaign for change is a real boost for us. They are renowned for being fiercely committed to the causes they back and I am confident that their support will help us to make systemic change.”