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Extending our reach

We’re thrilled to announce that our network of organisations supporting everyone affected by spinal cord injury continues to grow.

This December we are joined by some fantastic firms providing legal, case management, and care services.

Our newest recruits have pledged their support for SIA by joining our flourishing business membership scheme, helping us to meet the diverse needs of the whole spinal cord injury community.

As the expert, guiding voice for life after spinal cord injury, we know that getting the right services to meet your needs can be a challenge. Our work with a range of carefully chosen business members (and trusted partners) – all of which are experts in their field and share our vision of a fulfilled life for everyone affected by spinal cord injury – helps us to rise to this challenge.

Tackling the challenge

We don’t underestimate the importance of collaboration with like-minded, capable organisations, and working together we draw on collective expertise, raise awareness, influence change, and coordinate vital support services for every person with SCI.
Our business members are a key part of the puzzle, and in addition to their financial pledge, they openly share their knowledge, skills, and time, underpinning our services and furthering the cause.

Additionally, we are delighted to have the continued support of business member companies that have extended their membership for another year, and we give our heartfelt thanks for their ongoing dedication.

A big welcome

We are incredibly proud to announce details of the latest companies to join our business membership scheme in December 2023.


JMP Solicitors logo

“JMP Solicitors take immense pride in supporting Spinal Injuries Association, which stems from a shared commitment to enhancing the lives of those affected by spinal injuries, echoing our core values. We are particularly passionate about championing rehabilitation support for victims who have endured such injuries, directing our energy towards making a positive impact on their recovery journey.”

Ian Howard, managing director



”Simpson Millar is joining Spinal Injuries Association’s business membership scheme to extend our commitment to supporting individuals with spinal injuries. This aligns with our core values, as it allows us to connect our clients with the additional support and resources offered by SIA, such as standing up for their rights, offering guidance, and helping them be part of the community. It’s an important step in our ongoing efforts to ensure that everyone who suffers a spinal injury receives the care, compensation, and support they deserve.”

Kelly Withers, senior associate solicitor



“NJ Complex Case Management Ltd specialises in providing advocacy, expert witness services and complex case management to individuals who sustained catastrophic spinal injuries, and support for families and carers of individuals who live with spinal injury. We would like to offer our services, share our knowledge and experience with other health professionals and legal teams, and contribute towards improving the community and access to beneficial services for clients with spinal injury.”

Natalija Janeva, clinical case manager and complex injury expert witness



“We have always supported SIA and applaud the work they do.  We have seen the tremendous growth in services over the last 30 years since we started and are honoured to be working closely together with them.”

Maggie Sargent and Kate Russell, co-directors



“For over 21 years, our family has been dedicated to aiding individuals with spinal cord injuries. Amidst the growing influence of large investment groups in the caregiving sector, we remain a close-knit family-run entity. Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering bespoke care that is driven by core values, always placing the client at the heart of our endeavours. Having collaborated with SIA for several years, we aspire to further nurture this enduring relationship to continue supporting those in need.”

Arjun Garcha, managing director and pharmacist

Want to be a part of it all?

The needs of the spinal cord injury community are great and diverse, and we’re keen to offer quality and choice, and so the search for companies offering essential services to people living with spinal cord injury continues. In particular, we’re interested to hear from companies who can help in rehab, housing, and mobility, and welcome applications from any and all organisations that can support the SCI community. If this sounds like you, please get in touch!

Visit our business membership page to find out more.
• Or contact Reema Goldsmith, Business Membership Coordinator, on 01908 72132 or  [email protected]