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Petition to require bowel care policies and specialist bowel care at all NHS hospitals

Calling for change!

No one should be left unable to go to the toilet, potentially for days, because a hospital doesn’t have a bowel care policy or specialist staff trained in bowel care. 

And yet that is literally the case for people entering many hospitals if they have a spinal cord injury (SCI) or other neurological conditions across England!

In 2023 our Freedom of Information requests showed that in the south east, just under half of hospitals do not have a dedicated bowel care policy or trained ward-based staff to assist patients with their bowel routine.

In the west midlands, while 75% of Trusts have bowel care policies, only a quarter of them have adequately trained staff.

Worse still, is the north west, where there is only a 25% chance of your Trust having a bowel care policy.

Join us in advocating for change!

Our petition asks the Government to insist that every Trust has a policy, and that there are trained staff in place for supporting neurogenic bowel conditions in every hospital, wherever you live.  

Being able to go to the toilet in hospital cannot be too much to ask.   And it is just a small step to a health and care system that people with paralysis do not have to fear.

Your signature is not just a mark on paper; it’s a powerful voice demanding better bowel care standards for people with a spinal cord injury. Together, let’s bridge the regional gaps and create a healthcare landscape that prioritises the well-being of everyone.

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