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Cross-party consultation shows people want a fairer, greener Britain after Covid

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An inquiry by a cross-party group of MPs has shown that the public backs an ambitious transformation of the UK into a greener, fairer, more equal society when it emerges from the Covid-19 crisis. Over 55,000 people responded to the consultation, and showed ambitious ideas about the scale and depth of change they’d like to see, including better pay and improved conditions for key workers – from NHS staff and care workers to supermarket staff and delivery drivers.  And after the huge changes to working life during lockdown, they wanted more flexibility to work from home and a broader definition of what constitutes work, so that caring and volunteering roles were equally valued.

The Green Party MP Caroline Lucas co-chaired the group, and said the UK was at a crossroads with decisions taken in the next few months determining the future of the UK for decades to come.  She said:

This is not a moment for timid tinkering with the status quo, it’s the time to build a fairer, greener Britain where the national effort is focused on health and wellbeing. There is a popular mandate for deep-rooted changes in our economy and society. The government must seize this moment and deliver on people’s hopes for a better Britain”.

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