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Flu vaccinations

This year the Government wants 30 million people to be vaccinated, up from 15 million last year. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he did not want a flu outbreak “at the same time as dealing with coronavirus”. It is recommended to have the flu jab in the early autumn prior to the onset of the flu season, which peaks in December and January.

Jabs are available on the NHS now and you can book one through your GP or pharmacist. Those who are eligible for a flu jab on the NHS may receive a letter or a phone call to remind them to book in for their flu jab.  SIA would encourage anyone with an SCI to receive the flu vaccine this year

Frontline social and healthcare workers including PAs and carers are also being advised to get the vaccination.

More information is available on the NHS website

The BBC have also published this helpful article which includes a short film about the differences between a cold, flu, and Covid