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Invite your MP to the next APPG meeting!

It’s not too late to support our campaigns team and invite your MP to attend the next meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on spinal cord injury.

The next meeting is being held on-line on Monday 16 October 2023. We will be hearing from the Injured Players Foundation on the work they have been doing supporting rugby players after injury and there will be an update to our campaign This is #SeriousSh1t, on what we have achieved in the last six months and where the campaign is heading.

If you haven’t heard about the campaign it is a call for action to improve the appalling state of bowel care from NHS healthcare providers for people with spinal cord injury. There is no quick fix to this issue, which is why we need as many MPs as possible to be aware of how poor care currently is, so that we can work with them to get something done about it.

You can use the website WriteToThem to contact your MP.

If you wish, you can use this suggested email text to send to your MP.  Want to attend yourself? Click here to reserve a place.

Thank you for your support, it’s greatly appreciated.