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On your bike for SIA - lawyer Richard Clark prepares for SIA's European Cycling Adventure     


I am taking part in SIA’s 2019 Eastern European Cycling Adventure on behalf of CFG Law. SIA is a fantastic charity providing help, support and assistance to people who are injured or diagnosed with a spinal cord injury.

Whilst working at CFG Law, I have seen first-hand the impact spinal cord injuries have on people’s lives. In an instant, lives can change completely.

Through CFG Law’s Platinum Corporate Membership with the SIA, I personally have seen the exceptional support the charity provides for people after a spinal cord injury. Not only that but also the help, expert information, training and awareness they provide to the wider SCI community.

The Cycling Adventure is a five day trip across Europe, including routes across Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia.

In preparation and training for the Cycling Adventure, I am cycling the Way of the Roses, riding from coast to coast from Morecambe to Bridlington from 5 April to 7 April – finishing on my birthday!

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