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Is this your experience?

Our Campaigns and Advocacy Team would like to hear from you if you have experienced any of the following.

Hospital admissions and PAs –  problems with your PA/carer being allowed into hospital

If you have experienced needing to go into hospital and not being able to be accompanied by your PA/carer because of the Hospital Visiting Policy please could you give us details of the Hospital Trust concerned. We are working with the Department of Health And Social Care and NHS England to modify the national guidance (in England) to classify PAs/carers as being ‘at work’ when accompanying you into hospital and should therefore not be covered by the Hospital Visiting Policy.

Community ventilator supplies – supplies (particularly filters) rationed or denied as prioritised for Covid 19 patients

We have recently heard that some people who use ventilators (including CPAP/BiPAP & cough assist machines) in the community have been told that they would not be provided with filters for these machines as the NHS are prioritising them for Covid 19 patients. If you have experienced this please contact the Campaigns and Advocacy Team so that we can raise this urgently with NHS England.

If you have experienced either of the above please email the Campaigns and Advocacy Team.