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Warning for Blue Badges holders travelling in Europe

Blue Badge parking permits will not currently be recognised in some of the most popular EU destinations for British driving holidays.

The Government is still negotiating with 11 countries including France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy on the status of UK Blue Badges, which were recognised across the EU until Brexit. There are millions of Blue Badge holders in the UK, with latest figures putting the number at 2.3 million in England alone.

The Government website lists the countries that remain “undecided’ about the status of Blue Badges, and the Automobile Association (AA) has confirmed the list had not changed after contacting all 11 countries, which also includes Iceland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania and Slovenia.

Jack Cousens, the head of roads policy for the AA, said:

“To keep Blue Badge users in limbo is simply unacceptable. Blue Badges are issued because of specific health reasons, and to not have their status confirmed two years down the line is simply outrageous. Both the UK government and the 11 European nations yet to ratify the status UK-issued Blue Badges need to resolve the matter urgently and provide clarity for all concerned.”

What can you do?

For the 11 countries listed above, the Government advice is to consult their embassy before travelling.  For more information visit the on-line Department of Transport guidance.