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We're proud to welcome another trusted partner to our association

We're delighted to announce the addition of another trusted care partner to our association

Eximius Live-in Care are coming on board today (1 December 2021) to provide their expertise and knowledge to our service users, alongside the two other care firms we are already working in partnership with.

In Latin, Eximius means ‘exceptional, excellent, or extraordinary’ and we are hopeful that our newest partnership will be all that, and more.

Being able to partner with an excellent provider of care at a time when care is in crisis across the UK, is a hugely positive step for SIA.

Jo Neale, our head of investments and partnerships

Having built a relationship with the team at Eximius through their recent Business Membership with SIA, it soon became apparent that they would be a perfect candidate for us to work in partnership with.  Jo Neale, SIA’s Head of Investments and Partnerships, had the following to say to welcome our newest partners:

“Being able to partner with an excellent provider of care at a time when care is in crisis across the UK, is a hugely positive step for SIA. Finding firms who are able to provide expert complex care is tough and so we are delighted to be working with Eximius – a team we can trust and confidently recommend as experts who understand what is needed to provide a fulfilled life for spinal cord injured people. We look forward to working with them as a trusted partner of SIA”

Eximius have a proven track record of delivering high quality care to SCI people, and an outstanding rating with the care quality commission, but more than that, they’ve really demonstrated that they understand the importance of independence for SCI people (and their families), and they truly hold the same values to heart that we do as a charity.

Kate Hetzel, owner of Eximius Care, had the following to say about becoming our newest partners:

“We are delighted and proud at Eximius live-in Care to be a trusted partner of SIA. We fundamentally agree that anyone with a spinal cord injury should live a fulfilled life, and we will do everything to support our clients with that goal.  We are committed to the wellbeing of people with spinal cord injury and with the support SIA, we will be better able to support our clients with the day-to-day health and emotional issues faced by someone post-injury. We look forward to being part of this fantastic partnership”

With the Eximius Live-in Care team on board, we will be able to provide an even greater range of specialist services to the SCI people we support, to make sure that they can get the best possible care, to help them achieve a fulfilled, independent life.