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Tilney on-hand to ease your financial woes

Meet Tilney Financial Planning — another big name to join our network of trusted partners to support spinal cord injured people's financial needs

With over 180 years of experience, and a team of 300 financial planners and investment managers they ensure that even more expert opinion, advice and support is available to any of our SCI members in need of advice around their finances – whenever and wherever people need it.

We’re delighted to join Spinal Injuries Association as a trusted partner, supporting its goal to provide access to expert information, advice and support when it’s most needed

Ian Gibson, managing partner at Tilney

Tilney gives SCI people advice and information at all stages of life after injury. Over the years they’ve worked with many SCI people to help them lead a fulfilled life after their injury.

As with all our trusted partners, Tilney offers free confidential advice to our members through initial consultations. And with absolutely no obligation. They’re raring to help our service users navigate some of the issues around financial support. Something that we know SCI people and families need desperately after injury.

On-hand with expert support

Ian Gibson, managing partner at Tilney adds:

“At Tilney our team includes specialist financial planners, investment managers and technical specialists all dedicated to working with clients who have been affected by spinal cord injuries.”

We know the difference that can be made by having expert advice and support on hand. Having a firm with a wealth of knowledge and experience that Tilney have assisting our service users is another huge step forward. Our partnership highlights the positive impact that our support network can have in the lives of SCI people, whether newly injured, or living with a historic SCI.

Our partnerships manager, Chris Massarella, had the following to say about our newest trusted partners:

“We’re delighted to welcome Tilney on board, and are more confident than ever that with their experts working with us as partners, we can offer advice of the highest possible quality to the spinal cord injured people we support.

“We’re all very much looking forward to working with Tilney as trusted partners, and know that with their help, we are one step closer to helping everyone affected by spinal cord injury to achieve fulfilled, independent lives”.