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SIA’s Virtual Golf Tournament 2020 - announcing our winners!


Between 10th and 25th October over 50 golfers took part in SIA’s first ever virtual golf tournament. People have played all around the UK and we even had golfers taking part in Tanzania!

We are so grateful to everyone who has taken part and supported SIA.

Golfers from CFG, Higgs and Sons, Royds Withy King, 3PB, The Handigolf Foundation, Sunningdale Golf Club and the friends and family of staff and trustees at SIA all gave it their best shot at becoming SIA’s first Virtual Golf Champions.

At a virtual prize giving on Thursday 29th October we announced our winners and revealed the leader board.


SIA Virtual Golf Tournament 2020 – leader board.
Team score
Simon and Stuart (Royds Withy King) 63
Roger (QDMS) and Andy (Higgs & Sons) 59
Geoff  +1 (Higgs & Sons) 59
Peter (Medical Accident Group) and Mark (Frenkel Topping) 52
Ian and Tony (Higgs & Sons) 51
Terry K and Terry B (The Handigolf Foundation) 50
James (3PB) & Stephen (Frenkel Topping) 50
Vic and Ray (The Handigolf Foundation) 49
Mark and Steve (CFG) 48
Richard (CFG) and Chris (SIA) 44
Jimmy and Tom (Stephen Fletcher Appreciation Society) 44
Tim and Craig (Higgs & Sons) 44
Craig and Nathan (our golfers in Tanzania) 38
Mike and Jon Dyson (family of our trustee, Christa Dyson) 34
Steve and Liam (Higgs & Sons) 34


Congratulations to SIA Virtual Golf Champions Simon and Stuart from Royds Withy King!

Second place was joint, with Roger (QDMS) and Andy (Higgs & Sons), and Geoff +1 (Higgs & Sons) both scoring 59 points.

Unfortunately, as you can see the video above, some of our golfers battled the elements but were unable to complete their round. Although they weren’t able to submit their scores, we are very grateful to them for braving such difficult conditions to support SIA!

The Longest Drive was won by Mark Mansfield, with a distance of 301 yards.

Although the tournament is over, you can still play golf to support SIA. Next time you play why not make a donation and play for SIA? Or perhaps you can arrange for your local club to hold a day in support of us? Contact Alison on  [email protected] or more information about how you can support SIA.  Please ensure that you stick to all current government guidelines when fundraising for SIA. Golf courses in England will be closed from 5th November to 2nd December as part of the National Lockdown (this might be extended). When courses reopen why not play in support of SIA?

We already have our first late entry, and we are delighted that Will Greenwood will be playing for SIA on Wednesday 4th November. He sent a message for our wonderful virtual golfers.