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SIA What Matters Report 2021

Over the last year, we asked our members to share their opinions and experiences about what challenges get in the way of them leading a fulfilled life. The result of this research is the basis of our recent What Matters report.

476 spinal cord injured (SCI) people completed the research which covered the key areas of physical health, mental health and daily life.  The report findings will be used to build and refine programmes to support and raise the voice of SCI people across the UK.


77% of respondents had concerns for their bowel management


The research uncovered many challenges for SCI people, regarding physical health concerns, with 75% of respondents registering their concern for bladder management, while 77% had concerns for their bowel management.


42% of respondents said having access to counsellors who understood SCI, from the point of injury are crucial


The importance of mental health and the need to have access to counsellors who understood SCI, from the point of injury was highlighted by 42% of respondents.

The benefits process was degrading and confusing… contributing to a major deterioration in my physical and mental health

In the area of how SCI affect a person’s daily life, 55% of respondents said that access to employment is the biggest barrier to leading an equal life.

Head over to our blogs to read more from our CEO about What Matters and download a copy of the report below.

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