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Has resilience helped you after spinal cord injury?

Resilience has become a buzzword used to describe how people have coped during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But before that, many people have shown high levels of resilience after spinal cord injury. That ability to overcome trauma helps those in the SCI community to maintain strong levels of mental wellbeing.

To explore the link between SCI and resilience further, research is being conducted by the University of Reading. This landmark study forms part of a wider piece of work around SCI and mental health and will identify what improves or reduces resilience after injury. This could shape the future of mental health care for spinal cord injured people.

But the research team needs your help. Do you feel you adjusted well to life after spinal cord injury and have managed to maintain positive mental health? If so, please get in touch with the researchers to help them understand resilience by telling them what made the difference for you.

To take part in the study, please contact Katherine Finlay by email at [email protected]