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Pressure ulcers – the potentially devastating impact

Our Stop the Pressure campaign is all about being aware of pressure ulcers. Aware of their potential long-term impact on quality of life. Aware of all the lifestyle variables and changes that could lead to a pressure ulcer. And, crucially, aware of how to prevent pressure ulcers occurring, deteriorating, or recurring.

It’s also about being aware that general healthcare practitioners may not have the necessary knowledge about spinal cord injury and skin care. Our new Pressure Ulcer Study Day ‘Preventing Skin Compromise in SCI Skin’ – launching in 2021 – aims to change that.

In the meantime, this campaign aims to equip you with the awareness and knowledge to work with your healthcare professionals to look after your skin and prevent pressure ulcers. Visit www.spinal.co.uk/stop-the-pressure for links to all our pressure ulcer resources.

Our trusted legal partners are supporting this campaign by sharing some of their insights into what can happen when SCI skin care is compromised and pressure ulcers aren’t managed properly.

Royds Withy King – hear from Head of Clinical Negligence, Simon Elliman, about two extreme examples of pressure ulcer mismanagement.

Trethowans – read Partner Tom Hartigan’s take on the devastating impact of pressure ulcers in another clinical negligence case.


Preventing pressure ulcers:

  • For advice on how to prevent pressure ulcers, see our Stop & Act’ resource and our fact sheet on ‘pressure ulcers – the basics’.
  • Get in touch with SIA’s Support Line on 0800 980 0501.
  • Contact [email protected] for a referral to our SCI Nurse Specialist with a focus on skin care and tissue viability. We can work with your District Nurses or Tissue Viability team to ensure safe and appropriate care and reduce the risk of a recurrence.
  • Contact  SIA Academy for more details on our new ‘Skin Care Study Day’ titled Preventing Skin Compromise in SCI Skin.