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Our Impact in 2018/19

Our Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19 gives an insight into the support we gave last year to the SCI community. We helped SCI people and their families and friends, healthcare professionals who work outside of specialist SCI Centres and legal professionals who work in the field of personal and catastrophic injury.

When someone sustains an SCI, their life will change forever. Every injury is unique and everyone’s experience of SCI will be different. But there is one common denominator: everyone who sustains an SCI – not to mention their families and friends – will need support at some stage as they learn to rebuild their lives and adapt to their new ‘normal’. Even many years after an injury, a change in health or circumstances can leave someone needing expert information and advice.

And that’s why we’re here. SIA provides lifelong support to the estimated 50,000 people living with SCI in the UK. In the last year we:

  • gave 4,659 peer support sessions to SCI people in hospitals, SCI Centres, in the community and in people’s own homes
  • dealt with 1,966 enquiries to our Advice Line on topics including Disabled Facilities Grants, travel issues and car parking
  • provided clinical support to 225 SCI people via our SCI Nurse Specialist service
  • delivered 152 telephone counselling support sessions to SCI people and their families and friends.

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our lifelong supporters – donors, fundraisers, corporate members and sponsors, etc. We are incredibly grateful for such financial support and will look to diversify our income streams in the coming year, so that we can continue to support everyone affected by SCI when they need us most.