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Get your MP to the APPG

Our campaigns team need your help!  Please write to your MP and tell them about the next meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group.

Ask your MP to join the movement

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) meeting is making a difference to the services offered to spinal cord injured people. And it’s already influencing policymakers. At a recent session care minister Helen Whately MP committed to restore spinal beds that have been used for covid patients during the pandemic.

The latest APPG heard from two speakers:

  • Dr Alison Graham, consultant physician in spinal cord injury from the National Spinal Injuries Centre who spoke about the impact of the pandemic on spinal centres and building a sustainable recovery
  • Dr Jane Duff, consultant clinical psychologist and NSCI Head of clinical psychology, National Spinal Injuries Centre talked about the impact of the pandemic on mental health in SCI, and the critical importance of post-discharge support

We need you to email your MP to ask them to attend the next meeting and to demonstrate their support for SCI people and the issues they face – issues made even more pressing by the significant impact of the pandemic.

Emailing your MP is very easy – just follow the three steps below.

  • Go to www.writetothem.com and enter your postcode
  • Scroll down to find ‘Your MP’ and click on their name
  • Copy and paste our suggested template letter  into the message box, and edit it to include brief details of any relevant personal experience of SCI
  • Add your address details, so they know you are in their constituency, and do make sure you double check your email address is right so you can see their reply. Then preview the message to make sure it’s correct, and send.

Thanks so much for your support.