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Join the 2.6 Challenge and be an at home hero for SIA

This weekend  and until Sunday 3 May the nation will be supporting our charities by doing something amazing. The London Marathon has been postponed, so instead we’re all being encouraged to do the 2.6 Challenge. To do something – anything – around the number 2.6 or 26. Running, pushing, cycling or walking 2.6 miles. It could be 26 pull ups, press up and star jumps. Baking 26 cakes and leaving them on neighbours’ doorsteps. Getting the kids to be quiet for 26 minutes. You get the drift – but whatever you do, it’s about having fun, making a difference and supporting your favourite charity.

Today, more than ever we need your help. We’re determined that no one paralysed by spinal cord injury (SCI) should be left to face Coronavirus alone. Many SCI people are much more vulnerable to the effects of Coronavirus. The pressures of self isolation away from family and friends and a normal care routine interrupted and an NHS stretched to capacity if anything goes wrong, all make life much tougher.

We’ve redeployed our entire support network of staff and volunteers so that every one of the 50,000 people living with SCI can get the information, advocacy and support they need. This weekend, join the 2.6 challenge. Get your families and friends involved – but maintain social distancing. Fundraise and donate, Share your adventures. And know that with every mile walked, cake baked, space hopper bounced – you’ll be keeping an SCI person safe, well and out of hospital. Speaking ahead of the event, Carol Barraclough said:

“I am part of SIA’s Support Network team and I am also spinal cord injured (SCI) myself. So I know from personal experience just how challenging these times are for SCI people. As an SCI person life is frequently challenging. But with the additional pressures of self-isolation, uncertainty about whether an overstretched NHS will be there to help, the availability of PPE and the risk of carers also falling ill, it can be almost overwhelming.”

With the information, advice and support we provide, SCI people will know they are not alone. Join the 2.6 challenge today and protect the lives of SCI people.

And remember, should you or anyone you know of need support relating to their SCI, call our Freephone Support Line on 0800 980 0501.