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Government to review 1.6m disability benefit claims

Spinal Injuries Association today welcomes the decision by the government to review all 1.6m disability benefit claims made over the past four years, following its recent legal defeat.

Sue Browning, Chief Executive of Spinal Injuries Association, said.

“This announcement is a victory for the many disabled people who have been prevented from accessing the support they are legally entitled to. It’s well known that there are significant extra costs for being disabled, and disabled people are, generally, likely to be less well off than others. Personal Independence Payments are of vital importance in helping many spinal cord injured people lead a fulfilled life.

The announcement today that every disabled person’s claim will be reassessed speaks of a broken system that is failing to take the needs of disabled people into account. We recognize that the reassessment process will be complex but the government must ensure that the reassessment process is speedy, fair and transparent. It cannot be allowed to become yet another source of stress and anguish for hard pressed disabled people.

We are demanding that the government now addresses further inequalities that profoundly disadvantage the lives of disabled people. For example, planned cuts to NHS Continuing Healthcare which provides vital life-sustaining and ongoing care and support for the most severely disabled people must end.”

More information about the government’s decision can be found here:

Government to review 1.6 million people’s disability benefits claims