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Fabian Society launches National Care Service report

The Fabian Society are an independent left-leaning think tank with over 7,000 members and a reputation for high quality and impactful work.

They’re affiliated to the Labour Party, and aim to influence political and public thinking and provide a space for broad and open-minded debate across the political spectrum.

In 2022, Wes Streeting MP asked the Fabian Society to look at how to establish and develop a National Care Service. After a wide-ranging consultation period, during which SIA made a submission to their enquiry, the Fabian Society has now completed their research and published their final report.

The reason for this research and report is that the Labour Party has said it will work towards a National Care Service if it wins the next general election. This commitment was first made by the party more than a decade ago, but since that time no detailed work had taken place to flesh out what a National Care Service might look like, or how it should be implemented. However, the Fabian Society report does just that, providing an independent blueprint that sets out what the National Care Service could look like and how it should be implemented. The report includes 48 recommendations for an incoming government, and also suggestions for a timeline for reform.

More information

More information and the full report can be found here: A National Care Service for all | Fabian Society