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#EverydayMountains prize winners

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter our #EverydayMountains competition

With over 200 applications, our panel had a tough time deciding our winners. Below some of them have shared their stories with us.

Martin’s mountain trike

Emma Cawood from Leeds, loved the idea of taking on a big challenge like Mount Snowdon when she saw the mountain trike was the star prize of our #EverydayMountains competition, but didn’t think in her wildest dreams she’d win!

Emma Cawood using the mountain trike with Martin Hibbert

“I was absolutely thrilled. Having followed Martin’s story, it was great to meet him. I don’t think I’ll ever be as ambitious, but you never know. If someone had told me three years ago, I’d be planning a climb up a mountain, I would have laughed.

I’m really looking forward to pushing myself. Since my injury, I’ve found setting goals is my coping mechanism. However big or small, these goals are my mountains. In the beginning these were small – like sitting up without falling over or being able to move around in a wheelchair without dragging objects. They progressed to going out alone, learning to get up and down kerbs and transferring without a sliding board. My goals are not as frequent now, but there are still many challenges I’d like to try. I will keep striving to push myself!”

Williams Racing experience

The bespoke prize generously donated by Williams Racing, which included a tour of their HQ and opportunity to learn about starting a career with one of the world’s leading Formula 1 teams, was won by Jonny White from Oxfordshire, whose new-found love of F1 came after he was injured.

Jonny at Williams Racing posed next to an F1 car.

Since becoming injured on my motocross bike and having to give up the sport me and my family lived for, we found a new love in F1. I’m an aircraft engineer so I’ve always loved the technical side of motorsports.

“The experience was truly phenomenal. I had high expectations considering it’s the pinnacle of motorsport but it was mind blowing. As an aircraft engineer serving in the forces, I was pleasantly surprised how similar the two professions actually are. Being able to see all the different departments in charge of various aspects of the car, and finishing off at the final car assembly line really showed me how I’d be able to fit in within that industry. The legacy of Sir Frank Williams and his passion for making motorsport accessible was clear to see throughout 

the facility. The team at Williams F1 couldn’t have been more accommodating towards me and my son Zach. On the way back to the car at the end of the day Zach said to me “Dad, that was probably one of the best days I’ve ever had”.

Personal training with Josh Landmann

Will Ruane from Nottinghamshire, won two months personal training with para-triathlete Josh Landmann. Will has started his sessions and explains how they’re going.

Will Ruane on a rock climbing wall

“Josh and I have had our first face-to-face training session in early August, at Josh’s local gym, and it was a fantastic session. I have a T11 complete spinal cord injury, so I’m always looking for ways to adapt exercises in the gym making it more accessible. Josh was able to show me a few new techniques and exercises which were really effective in hitting my goals.

Josh has developed a bespoke training plan for me to help with my target of improving my climbing skills. The exercises he has incorporated focus on strength and conditioning whilst also targeting prevention rehabilitation work to reduce the risk of injury and strain on key muscles we rely on as fulltime wheelchair users. It’s great to see improvements in sporting contexts, but equally important to me is to see benefits in everyday life.

Appreciating I will be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, I want to build up my strength and endurance now and the program, developed by Josh, will certainly help me to do this. I can’t wait to continue improving and a big thanks to SIA and Josh for this great opportunity.”

Will has recently won the title of British AL1 Paraclimbing Champion and has been invited to join the GB climbing team – congratulations Will!


Tasha Lamour from Antrim, won the freewheel donated by Leigh Day. A freewheel attaches to the footplate of a manual wheelchair, lifting the front castors allowing the chair to go over more difficult terrain. For Tasha, this piece of equipment was invaluable as it enabled her to continue a passion she loves.

Tasha aiming her cross bow at a target.


“I got to go to archery practice on Thursday evening and I am so happy! I got to test the freewheel and it is fantastic for going over the grass. This is a life changing piece of equipment!! There are no words to express how thankful I am to SIA.”

Active Hands voucher

Rozy Haynes Taylor from Birmingham, won the voucher for Active Hands where she purchased a pair to support her in the gym.

“After a spinal cord injury, people tell you all the things you can no longer do for yourself, they are always big things in society’s eyes like walking or brushing my own hair but the bit I really missed was the gym and attempting whatever fitness craze was taking over on social media. I missed being a part of a group that pushed themselves. These active hands gave me part of that back. I made it back into a crossfit gym. When I applied for the competition, I didn’t think I would win, never mind find a tool that, just for a moment, makes me feel like the old me again. They have already enabled me to prove myself wrong time and time again. I’m excited to see what else they can help me do.”

Bundle Bean wheelchair cosy

Charlotte Howes from Wales was very excited when she heard she had won one of our Bundlebean wheelchair cosies.

Charlotte using a bundlebean on her wheelchair

“I live in Wales and it rains a lot, and gets cold and damp. I cannot regulate my body temperature properly, but I like the outdoors and have kids, a dog, and of course my other half, Tim. A few weeks later [after the Bundlebean arrived] I went to hospital and the disabled bays are miles from the door. It was pouring with rain so I took the Bundlebean. Wow it made such a difference. I would normally get soaked and get cold, unable to control my temperature and pain, being miserable and short tempered until I get warm again. Thank you so much.”

Rehab with VIM Health

Adenrele Laguda from London won 3-days intensive rehabilitation with VIM Healthcare. Here’s what he had to say after his first session.

Adrenele using equipment at Vim healthcare

“The staff at VIM Healthcare are really friendly and knowledgeable about my spinal injury, it’s a great atmosphere with state of the art accessible equipment.

After an initial assessment by a physio called Sophie, where she measured the range of motion in my limbs and assessed the strength I had in them, she arranged for me to meet another physio called Bex who specialises in spasticity management.

Bex advised me to contact my GP to try a medication called gabapentin to reduce the spasms in my legs, so I’d be able to walk for longer periods of time.

I had a go on the Lyra, a robotic gait trainer, which allowed me to take more steps than I would when I’m walking with my zimmer frame.

I also used the Balo, which worked my core, leaning forwards and backwards, to control a submarine game on screen, moving the submarine up and down to collect gold coins. This gave me a good stretch which loosened my leg muscles and will help me with day-to-day tasks.

I’m excited for my future sessions at VIM Healthcare. So far, it’s improved my confidence, strength, movement, and wellbeing.

Thanks to SIA and VIM Healthcare for the opportunity to support my everyday mountains by getting access to specialised neuro rehabilitation.”

Thank you to all of our prize providers, sponsors, and to everyone who took the time to enter.