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Covid-19 Public Inquiry

We have joined over 30 charities in supporting the call by Hospice UK for the Covid-19 Public Inquiry to include the rise in deaths in private homes during the pandemic as a specific area for investigation.

Baroness Hallett, chair of the Covid-19 Public Inquiry, has been leading a consultation on the draft terms of reference – which covered what happened in hospitals and care homes during the pandemic, but astonishingly omitted to include deaths in private homes as an area of focus.

Hospice UK coordinated a joint open letter to Baroness Hallett from the charity sector, and also gained support from 48 MPs, Peers and Members of the Senedd for a separate letter to the Baroness. More information and copies of the letters can be found on the Hospice UK website.

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The consultation on the terms of reference is the first step in what is likely to be a long-running, detailed and potentially controversial public inquiry. We’ll be watching developments closely, and plan to contribute to the enquiry whenever possible, so that the voice of the SCI community is represented and heard.