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Working collaboratively with our campaigning partners

Our campaign’s manager, Dave Bracher, gives an update on our most recent collaborative working with two of our campaigning partner

Two of our campaigning partners, the Inequalities in Health Alliance and the Care & Support Alliance, have been actively campaigning on health and care matters, and SIA has been delighted to add our voice to their initiatives.

SIA’s CEO, Nik Hartley, joined over 90 senior representatives of the Inequalities in Health Alliance in writing an open letter to Boris Johnson to demand bold action to ‘level up’ health in the UK. The letter specifically sought a commitment to strengthen and underpin the next phase of the pandemic recovery with a cross-government strategy with clear measurable goals to reduce health inequalities, involving all government departments, led by and accountable by the Prime Minister.

The Care & Support Alliance (CSA) have been focussing on the Government’s much heralded but ultimately disappointing plans for Social Care reform. Having written to the Prime Minister to outline the CSA’s grave concerns about the current crisis in Social Care, phase 2 of the campaign targeted the Chancellor and the Spending Review in October. This was to seek significant additional funding to support Social Care in the short and medium term, on the basis that if this isn’t forthcoming then recipients of Social Care will be unable to lead the lives they wish in the place they call home, and their families and carers will be left to fill the gaps in services without the support they need.

SIA are members of a number of campaigning coalitions and will continue to add our voice on behalf of the SCI community to actively support these groups and seek positive and lasting change.

Watch for postings in The Voice, on our website and in FORWARD magazine for more updates.