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SIA Healthcare - user stories

Members of SIA Healthcare share their experiences of the service

“I was struggling to come to terms with managing SCI and all that came with it and felt quite overwhelmed. I was set up with SIA Healthcare when I came out of hospital and having been with the service for several months I feel much more reassured. A large part of my reassurance came from the nursing team at SIA Healthcare, I really felt respected and that they had a genuine concern for me, which was amazing. It is sometimes hard to find people that understand my condition, but the specialist team were able to give me clear answers to my questions and I felt so comforted leaving the appointment.”

Rupert, SIA Healthcare Member


“I ended up needing a nurse appointment with SIA Healthcare after having trouble with my ileostomy pouch leaking; my personal advisor set up an appointment for me. I had a video call appointment; we discussed my issues and the condition of my skin around my stoma. My nurse gave me a few good tips to help my skin and then sent out a sample of a new stoma bag in the post to me that she recommended after listening to my issues. The bag arrived at my house a few days later, was much kinder to my skin, and stopped the leaks I was experiencing. I had always used the same bag since being discharged from hospital; I never knew how many options were available to me until the appointment!  I am appreciative of SIA Healthcare for taking my issues so seriously and understanding how big of an issue this was for me. I am much more confident going out and about now, thanks to my SIA nurse appointment.”

Emma, SIA Healthcare Member