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Breathe and Recover is based on the Living Yoga Method ™ .

We use the power of breathwork and yoga to get the most out of the respiratory and nervous systems which govern so much of our physical and mental health. By working with the links between these systems we can help optimize health and become masters of our own internal chemistry and life experiences.

I know that, with my health conditions, the feelings of uncertainty, pain, and loss will be a part of my life, something I cannot escape from. But I now have the tools to flow with these feelings, to flow with life, and to feel whole again

Whether you are looking to enhance health, performance or grow through trauma, we train people using adapted versions of the Living Yoga Method of breathwork, posture, mindset, digestion, and cold water training. These practices are offered by qualified Living Yoga Instructors, clinically trained healthcare professionals and trauma informed breathwork teachers.

Our training sessions are delivered live online, and through support materials provided by our teachers.

Why choose us

Yoga holds the power to transform our body-mind and generate the energy and health we need to lead fulfilled lives no matter what injuries, conditions, or type of spinal cord injury we have sustained. Learning how to optimise our system in the everyday enables all of us to grow from challenges and find our enjoyment of life.

So much of our past, present, and future are held within our bodies, and through engaging with our breath we can meet ourselves where we are at, reclaim our health and our sense of ourselves.

Yoga sessions during my time on the ward were an essential part of my rehabilitation as the breathing techniques were beneficial for dealing with pain, stress, anxiety and confusion. Being taught to breathe properly is still useful today after returning home and coming to terms with home life

At Breathe and Recover we recognize that the body and mind are in fact one network being guided by our nervous System. This incredibly powerful network held in the body mind system takes on the imprints of our past, which can take time to manifest. This can happen in the physical body, the mind or there can be co-occurrence. Breathing is one of the most overlooked tools after a spinal cord injury has happened that we can use to create energy and health in our systems.

Age Range

We don’t have a cap when it comes to teaching breathwork and yoga, it is for everyone who wants to engage with their body-mind. Whether you are 78 and just discovering the power of engaging with your breathing, or 18 and wanting to enhance your capacity to energise your system, the breathing works for all of us no matter what the system has experienced in the past.

What to expect

The online breathwork sessions with your teacher provide an easily accessible way to connect with our systems, to carve out a time where we can explore our capacity and find the edge to create growth all through using breathing techniques, meditation, and community.

I found the different breathing exercises are really useful in terms of relaxation. And in terms of pain relief, a noticeable difference using the two short breaths and out breaths in terms of energising the whole body

We provide online group classes that help inspire us with the collective energy of being with other people also on the journey of claiming their health and enjoyment of life. Friends, family, people who support us are all invited to join in with the sessions, creating an environment of Sangha “inspiring company”.

We are excited to have partnered with Spinal Injuries Association and to continue the exploration of what it is to claim yogic health in all our body-mind systems.

Meet the team

Our team is made up of Living Yoga Method trained teachers with first-hand long-term experience of working with people who have experienced trauma and specifically spinal cord injury. Our backgrounds include:

  • Front-line paramedic, often first on the scene for someone with a new spinal cord injury, seeing the effect of the physical/mental trauma and hearing their first thoughts and concerns. Attended call outs to people with spinal cord injury in the community where the person’s support network greatly affects their daily living post spinal cord injury.
  • Charge Nurse who worked at a spinal rehabilitation centre and developed yogic breathwork for people going through rehabilitation, now a front-line case manager for people with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury, including working with people with high level tetraplegia.
  • Clinical project officer and trauma informed Breathwork and Yoga teacher who supported the clinical services at a national charity. This work included clinical project management, creation, and delivery of specialist well-being sessions for veterans, their families and those with very serious injuries.

Questions and queries?  We are running 1 hour Breath toolkit drop-in sessions for SIA members and their friends and family – find out more below.  You can also get in touch with us by emailing [email protected] or give us a call on 07743396551 to find out more.

Join us for a breath toolkit drop-in session

We are currently holding drop in sessions for SIA members and their friends and family on Wednesdays at 10am.  These sessions are available at £15 per person.  We are also excited to be able to offer SIA members and their friends and family a block booking of five Wednesday sessions at a cost of £50 which can be reduced by a further 10% by using this code SIA0821 at checkout.


To find out more about other sessions that we’re holding now and in the future visit our home page