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Enjoy living at home

Few things are cherished more than our homes. It’s where we relax, spend time with our loved ones and often feel most comfortable.

That should be no different for spinal cord injured people. And with proper planning and the right support, our homes can continue to be comfortable, safe and happy.

Tailored housing advice


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Our trusted partner Aspire is a charity that gives people with SCI the support they need to lead an independent life. They offer tailored housing advice based on individual circumstances and highlight the available funding sources. Get in touch with Aspire’s housing team by emailing [email protected] or calling 020 8420 6709.

Removing barriers

Completing adaptations to suit our individual circumstances allows us to make the most of our homes. But making these adjustments is not always affordable or practical, and that can mean moving to a home that has already been modified.
The options depend on your financial situation and if you receive compensation for your spinal cord injury (SCI).

People who’ve received compensation are more likely to have the finances available to make their homes wheelchair friendly. On the other hand, the compensation can be used to move to a property that already has the required adjustments.

Those who haven’t received compensation won’t always have the funds needed for major home adaptations, but financial help is available to ensure we can all live in homes that meet our needs. Disabled facilities grants (DFGs) are available to help with the cost of making adaptations. They are available for people of all ages, and it doesn’t matter whether you rent or own your home.

It’s possible to apply direct, but the Aspire team will help maximise your chances of a successful application.

Apply for a DFG

For more information about the types of financial help to which you might be entitled, visit our financial matters page.