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Fish and chips at SIA House

Today is a day of celebrations at SIA House, not only to highlight SCI awareness day, but also in celebration of our tenth year of fundraising by hosting fish and chip suppers.

Our head office team of staff and volunteers all tucked in, with the wonderful smell of fresh fish and chips (and plenty of vinegar) wafting through the corridors, accompanied by the sound of laughter to end an amazing week.

As has become tradition, the meal ended with a quiz very kindly put together by resident quiz master, and head of advocacy Simon Pinnell, with some devilishly hard questions keeping everyone guessing.

It is always wonderful to have the chance to come together as a team and celebrate everything we do, and there is no better time to do it than on SCI awareness day, which reminds everyone here exactly why we do come to work every day, and about the difference we are making as a charity.

It is great to imagine sitting down for a fish and chips lunch with many others doing the same all around the country, so we raise a glass (and a chip fork) to all our supporters up and down the country joining in our celebration of everything SIA.