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Closure of SIA Case Management

SIA Case Management ceased to operate as one of SIA’s social enterprises on 22 March 2023.

SIA Case Management was established in 2018 to provide case management services to spinal cord injured people, underpinned by SIA’s and Bush & Co’s specialist knowledge and expertise in supporting people following life changing injuries.

Since then, we have been building a network of trusted partners and business members through which spinal cord injured people and their families can be connected to the support and services they need. We share our experience, expertise and the insight gained from our members’ lived experience of spinal cord injury with all organisations in our network. As such, we and Bush & Co. have mutually agreed that the original aims of the SIA Case Management enterprise can now be achieved in a different way.

Bush and Co. will still provide their own excellent case management services and, as one of our business members will continue to benefit from our specialist expertise and enjoy opportunities to support our vital work. We hope that other case management providers will also join our business membership scheme so that, together, we can offer greater choice to the spinal cord injured people we support and strengthen our growing network.

Thank you.