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Working on your behalf

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Here at Spinal Injuries Association we continue to work on your behalf throughout the year on the issues that you tell us matter to you.

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NHS care cuts

Our landmark “more than a number” report showed how people with spinal cord injury are still not getting essential care.

In conjunction with Aspire and Back Up we launched a campaign against NHS care cuts demanding that:

  • Care and support packages must meet people’s needs and aspirations
  • Eligibility decisions must be legal and comply with the Care Act
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups must be held to account

We entered into discussion with various agencies and got invited to the Continuing Healthcare Alliance.

The Continuing Healthcare Alliance is a group of 20 charities and organisations who believe that NHS continuing healthcare needs to improve.

The charities work together to investigate what’s wrong with the current continuing healthcare system. We meet with NHS England and other national bodies to share what needs to improve.

We are working with local decision makers to recognise the importance of improving continuing healthcare. And we campaign to improve the system, as we don’t want anyone left without the support they so desperately need.

For more information about how this campaign began, click here.

Stop the pressure

Every year we raise awareness around pressure sores and support the national Stop the Pressure day.

We were invited to join the National Wound Care Strategy Programme Patient Experience forum to feed back to NHSE thoughts and ideas on helping to raise awareness through the NHS and general public on pressure sores.

Some of the work on their website surrounding best practise publications we have taken part in can be found here https://www.nationalwoundcarestrategy.net/wound-care-patient-resources/