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The August issue of Forward is out now

In the latest issue of FORWARD you can read about the launch of our new network of support. We’re launching an expanded network of people and partners – region by region and nationally – to create the best network possible to serve, support and fight for every aspect of what each person living with spinal cord injury (SCI) would define as a fulfilled life.

In the health section you can read about one member’s experience of treating an ongoing pressure ulcer and his thoughts on a new, alternative treatment, which for him proved beneficial.

There are also a host of articles about mental wellbeing and different ways in which you can promote your emotional wellbeing – both with the support of SIA via our Telephone Counselling service, as well as via apps in the comfort of your own home.

You can also read about:

  • bonic exoskeletons and whether we’re ready to introduce them into daily life beyond a rehabilitation setting
  • the latest research on ‘exertion games’ that can be played in a virtual world
  • UK destinations worth visiting this year
  • personal experiences of people living fulfilled lives with SCI.

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