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STATEMENT: Developments in SCI research allows paralysed man to move hand

Spinal Injuries Association supports new avenues of research into spinal cord injury. We were encouraged to hear of the developments for this new technology, published in The Lancet, and what it could potentially mean for spinal cord injured people in the future.

It is very promising to see research which takes steps into restoring functional arm movements to a man with complete paralysis, through a system that decodes brain signals and transmits them to sensors in the arm, allowing this paralysed man to regain some movement from the shoulders down in his hand and arm. Spinal Injuries Association considers this type of research important to building the body of knowledge that could potentially transform the lives of spinal cord injured people in the future.

Although this research is a positive move forwards, we recommend current injured people receive the news cautiously. The research is still at an early stage and has currently only been tested on one paraplegic man in the US and is therefore a long way from being a proven treatment for spinal cord injured people.

In the meantime, Spinal Injuries Association is here to support those who are spinal cord injured and their families, as they come to terms with this life changing event and rebuild their lives.