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Our What Matters 2024 report released

‘What Matters 2024’ released. This is our annual report to understand the main obstacles for people living with spinal cord injury (SCI) in the UK.

download the full What Matters 2024 report here

This year we received responses from more than 900 people with SCI and their friends and family. A big thank you to  everyone who shared their compelling stories and experiences with us.

Your top physical health concerns


51% of people continue to be worried about their bowel management needs going unmet, especially in general healthcare settings



More than a third of people who said they’d had a pressure ulcer in the past year felt it wasn’t diagnosed correctly



44% of people were concerned about ageing with a spinal cord injury

Your top mental health concerns

Besides the physical impact of substandard care and support, you told us about the state of your psychological wellbeing.


Nearly 70% of respondents shared that they had experienced mental health challenges


39% of people said they had suicidal thoughts


91% said that connection to family is a key priority

Despite the high prevalence of mental health problems, there continues to be a lack of access to counselling and therapists who understand spinal cord injury. More than three-quarters of you agree with that, which is a far greater proportion than a year ago.

Your top barriers to leading a fulfilled everyday life


93% of people experienced challenges accessing hobbies


83% felt media representation of SCI was either negative, insufficient or completely absent


91% had difficulties accessing public transport

Responses to our questions painted a stark picture of a failure to ensure inclusivity and equality for all disabled people – even when it is needed most.

download the full What Matters 2024 report here

The future

Your input will help us to shape our existing and future programmes and campaigns to create a better future for the spinal cord injury community. We will continue to amplify your voices where they need to be heard most and be ambitious in our drive for a fulfilled life for everyone affected by spinal cord injury.

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to share their stories and experiences.