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Our impact in 2021-2022

Our Impact Report 2021/22 gives an insight into the support we gave last year to the SCI community.

We’ve been the leading voice of the spinal cord injury (SCI) community for 48 years.

We help SCI people and their families and friends, healthcare professionals who work outside of specialist SCI Centres and legal professionals who work in the field of personal and catastrophic injury.


collage of images from SIA showing day to day life with a SCI


Our purpose is to campaign, educate and support people affected by SCI, to show that an independent and fulfilled life is still achievable with paralysis.

We aim to support all SCI people, as well as their families, relatives and the healthcare professionals that care for them through our varied range of services, including:

  • a freephone support line
  • peer support through our regional support network
  • SCI clinical specialists including nurses and an occupational therapist
  • professional peer-led counselling and wellbeing service
  • advocacy and campaigns experts.

In 2021/22, we heard from more people in need of our help than ever before. In the last year:

  • Our membership rose to over 14,500 people and support line calls increased by almost 50% with over 3,000 inquiries.
  • We delivered over 1,400 support sessions to meet the practical and emotional needs of SCI people
  • We supported 69 SCI people through our free counselling service, led by a trained counsellor who is spinal cord injured
  • We provided training and education sessions for 400+ healthcare professionals from our expanded clinical specialist team
  • We supported the implementation of160 potentially life-saving emergency care plans (ECPs) created, giving SCI people greater confidence that their unique medical needs would be met if they were admitted to hospital
  • And last but not least, we also enabled over 300 connections between our members and partnership organisations

For the 2,500 people paralysed by spinal cord injury each year, we cannot – we will not – let ‘new normal’ mean anything less than a fulfilled life

Claire Martin – Chair of trustees and Nik Hartley OBE – Chief executive officer

None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our lifelong supporters – donors, fundraisers, corporate members and sponsors, etc.

We’re incredibly grateful for such financial support and will look to diversify our income streams in the coming year, so that we can continue to support everyone affected by SCI when they need us most.

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Annual report and accounts

You can download and read our Annual report and accounts below:

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