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Amicapsil-SCI petition – please sign this!

Petition to make Amicapsil-SCI available on prescription.

As people with a spinal cord injury know only too well, skin damage and pressure ulcers are a constant risk that we have to remain hyper-vigilant about. Sadly, despite best efforts, sometimes things do go wrong and treatment is then required to help the pressure ulcer heal – which is where the wound treatment product Amicapsil-SCI may come in.

Amicapsil-SCI has a microcapillary action and evaporative properties, and is effective on all types of wounds, ulcers and burns, including antimicrobial resistant infections. It removes moisture, toxins and enzymes from the wound bed, and uses the body’s own immune system and healthy bacteria to heal the wound. Trials have proven very effective and greatly reduced the healing time, and many people with a spinal cord injury have successfully used the product. However, at present, it can only be purchased independently or via an Independent Funding Request, and work remains ongoing to get it available on NHS prescription.

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Steven Parry has now started a petition on Change.org to put pressure on the NHS to make Amicapsil-SCI available on prescription. The petition itself is here:  and we would be very grateful if you would consider signing this petition and supporting the drive to get Amicapsil-SCI available on NHS prescription.

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