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Managing the neurogenic bowel after SCI - virtual

About this course

Virtual, theory only course. Participants examine the theory and practice that underpins effective management of the neurogenic bowel.

Attendees undertake an online evaluation of learning test.  There is no practical assessment, should they achieve the required pass mark participants are provided with a certificate to present to a healthcare professional they have identified through their workplace who will monitor and supervise any practical assessment.

Sessions are held by request, individual bookings not yet available.

Virtual education module with a practical assessment

We are able to offer a combination of the virtual education module with (following successful completion of the evaluation of learning) a practical assessment by our SCI Nurse Specialists. Currently the practical assessments take place at the requestor’s site, but in future we hope to provide sessions at locations around the country that people can book onto, either for initial assessment or a refresher, if they have attended the module in the past.

The charge for the practical assessment will vary according to numbers and location.  Contact us for more information.