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In-service training

About this course

Delivered by one of our support coordinators, these hour-long Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited sessions   are a fantastic opportunity for healthcare professionals to increase their awareness of issues around living with a spinal cord injury.

Our support team help spinal cord injured people in hospital, at home and in the community. From being newly injured, through to being discharged and beyond – they can provide a lifetime of support or just be there at tough times. And all of our corodinators are living with a spinal cord injury themselves.

This experience gives them a unique role in supporting and educating healthcare professionals in many different settings.

These presentations are ideally suited for team training sessions. By the end of the sessions, those taking part should leave with an increased awareness of what it’s like to live with a spinal cord injury from someone with first-hand experience together with increased understanding and knowledge of the wealth of support our coordinators and other teams here can provide.

Who would benefit?

Suitable for healthcare professionals in many different settings who would benefit from the personal and professional insights into SCI that our support network coordinators can provide.

Pricing details

There is no set fee for in-service training, but we do seek to reimburse costs as far as possible.


If you would like more information on this, or would like to request a session, please contact us by email or on 01908 732140.

Our cancellation/non-attendance policy applies to all training events.