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Aspire Housing

Many people who’ve sustained a spinal cord injury find themselves discharged somewhere totally unsuitable, such as an un-adapted house or a care home.

This robs people of their independence at a time when they should be ready to rebuild their lives. The Aspire accessible housing programme offers an alternative. It provides homes located around the UK for use on a short-term basis while a permanent housing solution is found. It might be that your own property is being adapted, or you’re waiting for your local authority to find you something suitable. Meanwhile, in an Aspire house you can be back among friends and family, getting on with your life.

You can view where Aspire currently has vacant properties, get more information about their support and complete a referral form on the Aspire website 

Aspire housing advice service

The Aspire Housing Advice service can help with advice on a variety of housing queries and problems including disabled facilities grant applications, local authority housing, purchasing another property, moving home, confusion around adaptations, inappropriate temporary accommodation and moving from nursing homes into suitable accessible accommodation.

For more information and advice about housing options following a spinal cord injury, you can contact Aspire’s free-of-charge housing advice service through their website or get in touch direct at [email protected].

Aspire welfare benefits advice

Aspire also has a free-of-charge, dedicated welfare benefits advice service.

Get in touch at [email protected]  or find out more by clicking on the link below:

Aspire welfare benefits advice service