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Understanding spinal cord injury

What is spinal cord injury?

Every two hours, a person becomes newly spinal cord injured (SCI).

That can be through an accident, illness, or health condition, but however the injury is sustained, the situation can feel catastrophic. Our bodies may no longer work as they did before the SCI, and it can feel like life will never be the same again.

But a SCI is not the end of our lives – it is the beginning of a new one. Some things might have to be done differently, and it can disrupt plans, but you are never alone because we are here to support you on the journey to rebuilding a life after injury.


The number of people who sustain a spinal cord injury each year

The first step on that journey is understanding what has happened and how it can affect our bodies, whether mobility, sensation or bladder and bowel function. From there, we can discover our new, unique needs to ensure they are met, allowing us to lead a fulfilled life.

Our Understanding spinal cord injury factsheet will take you through several of those first questions you may have after you or a loved one has sustained a SCI.

Know where to turn for support

Our support coordinators and SCI nurse specialists are here to guide you through life after injury. Get in touch to find out more here.