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Donation cards

£1.00£1.50 inc. VAT

We have two different types of donation cards.

Wedding couple donation – option 1

This card provides the perfect way to let your guests know you’ve made a donation to the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) on their behalf.

Inscription reads:

A donation has been made to the spinal injuries association on your behalf.”

A donation is already included in the cost, however if you would like to make a larger contribution, please head to our donation page, click the celebration option and fill in the description box with your names and the date of your wedding.

£1.50 each

Choose between a red or blue version with personalised dates and names.

Wedding guests donation – option 2

A great way to ask your guests for a donation to SIA in lieu of a gift. Pop them in with your invitation or place on tables on the big day.

The inscription reads:

“Your presence at our wedding is more than enough so, please, no gifts required. Instead, we kindly ask if you would consider donating to the Spinal Injuries Association.”

A QR code can be located on the back which will take your guests direct to our donation page.

£1.00 each each

Choose between a red or blue version with personalised date and names.


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