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A message from our campaigns team

A message from our campaigns team to everyone who supported our petition for paralysed bowel care in healthcare settings.

Dear members,

We felt we should reflect on the journey of our petition for paralysed bowel care in healthcare settings. Your support has been the cornerstone of our campaign, and it is with great pride that we share the incredible milestone we have achieved together.

Thanks to your unwavering commitment, our petition garnered a remarkable 8,933 signatures in a short span of time. This overwhelming response has not only highlighted the urgency of the issue but has also resonated with the collective voice of those who believe in better care and support for individuals with paralysed bowels.

Although the election call led to an early closure of our petition, we believe the target 10k signatures would have been achieved. Behind the scenes, we have already had a meeting with the health minister and officials from the Department of Health and Social Care, to discuss possible solutions and step changes that can improve care for those with paralysed bowels, who go into hospital or community settings. We are hopeful that we will have some positive outcomes from the meeting. In the meantime, since the general election announcement, we continue to collaborate with officials from the Department of Health and Social Care to find workable solutions for some of our asks to the Minister, and to ensure that paralysed bowel care is a priority on the agenda for the incoming Health Minister.

As we await the outcome of the general election and the appointment of a new Health Minister, we are hopeful and optimistic. Your support has laid the groundwork for meaningful change, and we are committed to continuing this advocacy with the same passion and dedication that you have shown.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Your support is not just a signature; it’s a beacon of hope for countless individuals who need better care. Together, we are making a difference, and we look forward to updating you on the next steps of our journey towards a brighter future in healthcare for everyone with a spinal cord injury.


With heartfelt thanks,


Campaigns team SIA